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Myanmar time is 6:00 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


Myanmar currency is Kyat. 
Notes: Kyats 1000, Kyats 500, Kyats 200, Kyats 100, Kyats 50, Kyats 20, Kyats 15, Kyats 10, Kyats 5, Kyat 1.
Foreign Exchange Certificate ( FEC ) : 20 units, 10 units, 5 units, 1 unit.


Drink only bottled or boiled water.


Bargaining is an art long practiced in Asian countries including Myanmar. So feel free to ask for a proper discount when shopping in places where prices are not marked . Be careful in dealing with side walk vendors who may not offer genuine goods at fair prices. Myanmar arts and craft s , mostly pure hand made , are best souvenirs and prices are very reasonable lacquerware, cotton fabrics and shoulder bags are some of the favorites items. For jewellery , there are Myanmar Ruby, Sapphire, Jade & pearl available at Myanmar gems shops.


Since late 1988, Myanmar has replaced the centrally planned economy to a more liberalized economic policy based on market oriented system. In moving toward a more market oriented economy, Myanmar has liberalized domestic & external trade, promoting the roll of private sector and opening up to foreign investment.
Myanmar is richly endowed with renewable and non-renewable energy resources which are being exploited by the state sector with the participation of local & foreign investors.
Agriculture remains the main sector of the economy & measures have been taken to increase productivity, diversification of crop patterns , and revitalization of agriculture exports.


Light causal wear for all year round. A cardigan or light sweater for the cool season especially when visiting Upper Myanmar , like Mandalay or Bagan. An umbrella will be useful during the rainy season. Sandals or slippers are convenient as all foot wears must be taken off when entering the precincts of pagodas and monasteries. Visitors should not wear shorts or briefs when visiting pagoda and monasteries.


Government Offices : 09:30 16:30 hrs
BANKS : 10:00 14:00 hrs
Companies : 09:00 17:00 hrs ( Mostly )



Radio Myanmar is on the air in English from 08:30 hours to 09:00 hours in the morning , 13:30 hours to 14:00 hours in the afternoon and 21:00 hours to 22:00 hours in the evening.


TV MYANMAR with NTSC system, TV programmes start from 07:00 hrs to 10:00 hrs in the morning & 17:00 hrs to midnight and satellite News at 20:45 hrs in the evening. On every Saturday & Sunday, TV Myanmar starts from 08:30 hours to 10:00 hours , in the evening from 12:00 hours to 14:00 hours.


This TV station transmits everyday in the morning from 07:00 hours to 10:00 hours and in the evening from 17:00 hours to midnight.


The New Light of Myanmar is the only newspaper in English. Two newspapers in Myanamr -- " Myanmar Alin " and " Kyemon" (The Mirror).


Being a happy go lucky people, Myanmars hold several festivals in a year. In the days of Myanmar kings, there was a major festival in every month of the year. Even though some of them have ceased to be celebrated, there must be dozens of them left, counting the various pagoda festivals and other regional ones which are held all over the country. Thus, our country is a veritable land of festivals besides being The Golden Land of Pagodas.


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